Can crypto be negative?

Cryptocurrency may be a virtual currency, but its value can never be negative. A cryptocurrency, like most assets, can never have a negative value. The lowest level that most investments, real estate or assets can reach is zero. Unless you're talking about short selling or margin trading, you can't lose more than you've invested.

You might also want to read What Determines the Value of Cryptocurrencies? But my friend asks, what if it's going to be good for Bitcoin to be below 0? I mean, literally, is there a chance that the price of Bitcoin is negative? Mathematically, under what circumstances can the price of Bitcoin turn negative? I know that Bitcoin is a kind of black hole in the financial universe, but can this black hole exist if the price becomes negative? (Like a computer error or some people trying to lower the price by placing negative orders in return?) Take some fourth grade math classes and get in touch with us. Sorry for being silly, but I don't understand. Are you sure? But what if it sinks? What happens next? Are you a PHP programmer (a bit of an intelligent person) and are you asking yourself this question? In other words, having worthless bitcoins (or anything else) is less expensive than paying someone to take them. Satoshi comes to beat the crap out of us every week.

Where did you get that figure? Test? It's a valid question. Let's say that bitcoins were somehow highly illegal and that their possession could lead to life imprisonment. You might want to pay someone USD to keep the bitcoin you have. So why the hell would you sell something for 0 or below 0, if you could get rid of it instead? In answer to your first point, it's impossible to prove that you don't own some bitcoins, so there's no way they can condemn you.

Of course, a society that would jail people for possessing bitcoins probably doesn't give a damn about evidence or rights. To maintain the current recovery trend, there will need to be a large influx of funds to the market. Even at oversold levels, several cryptocurrencies are still prone to further declines, unless buyers can increase their activity enough to stop a downtrend. NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers current bitcoin news, 26% technical analysis, forecasts of the price of bitcoin and other alternative currencies.

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